Look Book: Cosy Gamer Girl


I figured I'd go less specific for this look book. This one I decided to go for a gamer outfit. For days when I'm infront of my tv with the xbone on. Playing Skyrim or Gears. Naturally. Gotta be comfy when you do this shite!

For this one I even included a blanket (cos I mean ... it's awesome) and a pillow. Comfort people. COMFORT! I really need that mug too ... cos Levy ...

Lazy Gamer Girl

Lazy Gamer Girl by katelyn-jade

I mean honestly when it comes to gaming go with what suits you best. I have rheumtoid arthritis so I go for cosy blankets and big jumpers and socks/slippers because otherwise my joints lock up. What suits me may well not suit you! But I hope you like some of what I like 😄 

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