Picking Up: Wires and Nerve



I've been dying to get my mitts on Wires and Nerve by Marissa Meyer since I first heard of it and thanks to my bestie Jas I have it for mothers day. I loooved Iko's character. She is such an awesome android and I am dying to see more around her. I've not read any reviews yet but I'm really looking forward to picking it up. 


I am hoping (please please please) that Iko gets her happily ever after. I mean that's the point of the Lunar Chronicles, give them their happily ever after. Let Iko have hers! Kinney is such a douche to her but maybe ... maaaaaybe she'll warm him up. The irony of the android being the warmer one isn't lost on me haha. We know Iko in her more vain moments but we saw her willing to fight for Cinder come Winter and I'm really excited to see that side of her personality explored. Let her grooow.

One thing I'm worried about is seeing my favourite characters drawn. What if it is utterly different to my mental image? Also it seems to be a blue-scale novel? Which may be amazing or terrible. It's one of those things I'm a little 50/50 on. I love graphic novels though and it's a good visual way to show off a great series. I think a graphic novel suits the series and I am really excited to pick it up. 

Please don't let it suck 😓

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