Lets Open: August Illumicrate (2016 Throwback)


My last Illumicrate review wasn't amazing, fairly so, but I don't want people to believe that this was my first impression of Illumicrate and so I've decided to post an archived blog post I made on my previous bookish only blog. This is the post from my very first box back in August 2016 and I was very excited to get it. I've made no edits to the post but hope you enjoy it all the same!

It caaaame! I made a shriek type sound when the delivery man arrived at my door. No, he wasn't amused. Spoil sport. But LOOK AT IT! I am SO excited for my first ever book sub and can I just say HOLY HELL! I adored everything in this box and will absolutely retain a subscription to them. If you're interested in having a peek head on over to Illumicrate and have a gander.

The box is UK based and run by Daphne, a bookstagrammer who goes under the name WingedReviews. I've followed Daphne on instagram for a fair while before she set up Illumicrate and she's definitely a blogger I trust!

A quarterly box, this is good for those who find the monthly boxes a wee bit too steep. You still get a book box to look forward to but it's every 3 months instead. It's £29.99 a quarter and, in my opinion, well worth it, and there is an option for gifting them as well. I know what I'm asking for for Christmas.

The shiny yellow card! The card lets you know what you've got in the box. So ofcourse I totally ignored this. I don't want my surprises spoiled haha. I love that the base colour is yellow, it's my favourite colour.

First item out of the box is this tote bag inspired by the Gilmore Girls! This is an Illumicrate exclusive item from Colorful Geekiness and is a good addition for any fans. Unfortunately I'm not a GG fan and I really need to reduce how many bags I own so I will likely run a wee giveaway for this in the future. So keep your eyes peeled for that!

A couple of items from an artist I have wanted to own pieces from for ages. Taratjah created these exclusive coasters, one of the golden trio as we know them from the films, and one of the golden trio as we know them from the play. I don't think I will ever set a cup down on these. I will not risk the preciouses. No no I shall not. I would seriously recommend checking out her art work! I need like ... all of it.

A few small bits as well. There's a strawberry tea blend from Post Tea that's reminiscent of Wonderland. It's a small sample sized but as I've had teas from Post Tea before I know it lasts a good while. You don't need to use more than one or two teaspoons per cup! There's also a money off code for Unboxed by Non Pratt and a discount code for a foot bookmark, which I absolutely need to try get used soon. Included are also some witch temporary tattoos that have been claimed by my little humans.

I also found these at the bottom of the box, after I'd taken the books out (yes you heard me BOOKS). These are mini promo posters for Pierce Brown's books. I doubt I'll use them all but I adore the Team Howless one so that should be getting framed at some point.

Ooo before I forget there was also a couple of colouring book pages included! Illumicrate is running a colouring competition using these as well. I have zero clue what the prize might be but if you have a looksie through the #illumicolour tag on instagram you can see any entries that show up! Here's my first one ...

Yes I was supposed to be doing housework. No I did not do that. I coloured instead. I couldn't help it! The box made me I swear haha. BOOKS. Onto the books. I literally shrieked when I opened the books. I just eeeee. You will understand why soon.

Book one is The Graces by Laura Eve along with a signed book plate and a hand written letter from the author. SO good that you get that. We got this book a full month before it's publication date so I am dead excited to be able to get a review of this up before it's released. The book that made me scream though is this beauty ...

Scream with me people. Eeeee. I had this preordered and now I have it. Before it's actually out. I am THRILLED. I've cancelled the preorder and I CANNOT wait to read this. I have heard nothing but good things about this. It's a hardback, it came with a piece of art, a bookmark and a signed bookplate. I can see myself creating a big collection of these signed bookplates! I will be reading this book as soon as I possibly can and getting back to you with my thoughts.

All in all this has been an AMAZING first subscription box and I cannot wait to see what Daphne does next time. My next book box will be from Fairy Loot so I can see how they compare soon.

Do throwback posts help at all? If so let me know!

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