Five Fandom Friday: Fictional BFFs


Another fandom Friday, another list of five. This time who I would love to be best friends with. This was, to be honest, a really easy one! I didn't struggle to pick out my "BFFs" at all. 4 of the five seem to be trouble makers ... I wonder what that means about me haha.

1 - Tessa Gray

An avid book reader who manages to nab two hotties? AND has cool powers? Definitely one for the list!

2 - Skulduggery Pleasant

Smart ass, sarcastic skeleton with magic powers, a dark past, and endless suave. If he were real (ahem and NOT a skeleton) I would totally date him.

3 - Mor

Have you read ACOMAF? I ADORE the Inner Circle and I think Mor would be an amazing friend. The type to build you up, whoever you choose to be, and tear down your enemies, no matter who they are.

4 - Magnus Bane

How could he NOT be on this list? He's hot, he's old, he's glittery ... Damn you Alexander!! He is definitely better than Gandalf. 

5 - Nico

Ok so he's a little dark. A little gloomy. But what do you expect from the son of Hades? He's adorable and I loved him in HoA. Such a cutie! 

Who would you befriend? Be honest now 😛

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