I should probably start this off saying I'm not sure yet how regular I plan these posts to be. I'm trying to decide if weekly, fortnightly or monthly will be best but for now these will pop up as and when I feel like enough's changed. It may well bore you to tears but it's just a wee round up of things I'm up to in life!

Thinking about body positivity and how to incorporate that in to my instagram and blog. I have spent a long time teaching myself to love who I am and I want to try and find a way to show that, and maybe help others feel that, through my social presence. I've not figured out how yet but this pic of my big wobbly thighs being posted on insta was the first step I made in deciding to find a way to bring it in.

Loving twitch streams. I've been watching them a fair bit recently when kids are in bed. Making friends and chatting games, and absolute nonsense, when I'm home alone. It's fantastic. My favourite streamers at the moment are Dr. Brownstein, Fktastic Fraz, Mr Tickles and Grim Shark. Go give them a gander!

Listening to alot of Rag and Bone man. My youngest son has become obsessed with his songs lately and I have been playing his albums rather regularly. Skins is Caleb's favourite and mine is currently Human.

Watching Iron Fist. I know people are hating on it for being slow but honestly, so are the comics, and it's clearly being geared as the series that starts truly tying the Defenders together. Plus there's a whole lot of Night Nurse. Which makes me all kinds of happy.

Reading A Court of Mist and Fury. I want to get this reread before Wings and Ruin come out. Plus it's just one of my favourite ever books. I even have a quote from it inked on my thigh 😉

Eating toffee cream meringues. I'm on slimming world (well trying to get back onto it) and this is one of my fav "low syn" treats as they are moreish but not heavy. They are so tasty!

Drinking tea. Always tea. All the tea. Assam tea. Strong. But milky. Yes I would love a cup!

Thinking that there isn't enough hours in the day to do everything I need to and get enough sleep. My physical healths gone to pot and I'm not quite sure if I'll be able to continue at the pace I'm setting, but I also don't have the option to slow down.

Playing roller coaster tycoon ... on my phone. The xbox is in for repair so I've had to resort to a few mobile games and this one has turned out to be more addictive than I expected ... I probably shouldn't admit that.

Planning my own twitch channel. It's going to take time (and money) to set up. But I'm slowly building the groundwork for my very own channel under my Arabella_Tome handle.

How is your life going atm? Doing well? Needing a hand?

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  1. I hope you make a twitch stream! I might tune in! I stream sometimes too but not very often due to my body being so tired from growing a tiny person. Haha!

    1. I definitely will be! :D Just gotta get things like an elgato and camera and that. It'll take me a while but I'll get there :D What's your twitch and I'll come give you a follow!